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Bio Chrom

Bio Chrom

VWR offers a range of products for protein purification based on various proven technologies such as, IEX, ultra-filtration, dialysis and affinity purification.

Affinity technology can be used to isolate specific molecules from a mixture (e.g. His·Bind® purification), capture a desired molecule for interaction studies (e.g., immobilisation on GST·Bind™ resin), or remove a component from a reaction (e.g., protease removal with the Cleavage Capture Kits). For recombinant proteins, the addition of fusion tags using appropriate expression vectors enables affinity purification by a number of strategies.

Our selection of Immobilised Metal Affinity Chromatography (IMAC) matrices for purification of His·Tag® fusion proteins, is the widest available. This includes agarose based His·Bind resin, pre-charged, non-leaching Ni-NTA His·Bind resin, magnetic based His·Mag™ agarose beads, cellulose-based, pre-charged His·Bind quick columns and cartridges; and methacrylate His·Bind Fractogel® resin, which enables higher pressures and capacities. Other agarose based affinity resins enable rapid purification of GST·Tag™, S·Tag™, and T7·Tag® fusion proteins.